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H124SG Covidien Kendall Arbo EEG electrodes

H124SG Arbo
Disposable electrodes

Bag 50 pcs €10,95

Box 500 pcs € 94,95

Big box 6000 pcs € 995,00

Prices are excluding sales tax and shipment costs

Kendall ARBO Disposable EEG electrodes H124SG Ø 24 mm


These high quality disposable electrodes are used to measure EEG, ECG and EMG. They are used once and are userfriendly by the integrated gel. The electrode H124SG will stick well on the skin. The electrode is easy to remove and clean in use.



One bag contains 50 pieces

One box contains 500 pieces

One big box contains 6000 pieces

Product details

Size Ø 24 mm

Electrode Type H124SG Arbo

Brand Covidien (Kendall)